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 Hi! This is just a Internet Portfolio that I put together so that you can see what computer design and programming skills I have, and whether or not you think that they could be beneficial to your needs.

 This site is rather easy to navigate through. Simply use the navigation bar on the left to make your way through the pages that you are interested in.

 • To learn a little bit about myself, click on the 'about me' link.
 • To find out what knowledge I have in computers (ie: programming languages, design skills,  knowledge in applications, etc) click on the  'knowledge' link
 • To find out how much experience I have in  certain fields of computers, click on the  'experience' link
 • To see some examples of some of my work,  click on the 'portfolio' link.
 • For more questions, or just to drop in a quick  'Hello!', click on the 'contact me' link