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Chris Mason
23 Lacewood Crescent
Don Mills, Ontario, M3A - 2Z3
h (416) 447-4354
c (416) 508-0278
July 15, 2002  


 On a personable note, hi, Iím Chris Mason. Iím a 17 year old grade 11 student at Bayview Glen Private School. I am currently looking for employment during my summer holidays, and a part-time job for when my school year starts again in September. As a computer user since the age of two years old, a freelance web designer, and a student with a broad range of knowledge in computer hardware and software, I feel that I could contribute and share my knowledge of computers to any company looking for an enthusiastic and articulate employee.

 To date, my work experience has been varied, ranging from working at the Donalda Golf and Country Club as a member of the pro shop and golf services team, to refereeing for the North York Cosmos Soccer Club during the summer holidays, where I refereed games for children under 15, to a customer service representative at Home Hardware. In all of these positions I have earned accolades for my eagerness to work hard, for cooperating well with others and for my ability to learn quickly and gain the respect of coworkers and clientele alike.

 My daily involvement with computers has led me most recently into developing a freelance webpage design business where Iíve gained skills in time management, problem solving and creativity. Through the advanced courses that I take at school, as well as some extra curricular learning, my knowledge in computer hardware and software, is both broad and comprehensive, a valuable asset to any team.

 I consider myself to be a creative and artistic person, with two of my other favorite past times being art and music. I have been a drummer for four years now, and play in various school bands as well as my own. I have had two great life experiences, one as an international exchange student to Australia and the other in a community service project to the Dominican Republic, working at an orphanage with abandoned children. I have been selected as one of five delegates from my school to take part in an International Round Square conference in Salem, Germany in October, where I will represent my school Bayview Glen, and discuss international issues with students from across the world. I always do everything to the best of my ability and never back down from a challenge.

 Thank you for taking the time to consider me for a position with your company. I believe I could be an asset to your company and a valuable member in your team of employees. Attached is my resume, the more formal information about myself.

   Chris Mason

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