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Case :

STK 7619 Solid Color ATX Mid Tower Case.

$105.00 [CAN]

[ found here ]

The purpose of the case is to hold all of the parts inside the computer
together. This process prevents interference from entering the system and affecting the interal components.

Why We Chose It:

We chose this case for three simple reasons. First off, its sleek, rugged design catches our eye and makes our Super Computer look 'sexy'. Second, its a nice small mid tower case. And lastly, it supports all our components, including our fan.

Model: STK7619.
Case Type: Mid Tower.
Mother Board: ATX / Baby AT / PSII.
Case Height: 17".
Case Width: 7.5".
Case Depth: 17".
Bezel Material: ABS / 94V-0.
Upper Cover Material: ABS / 94V-0.
Steel Plate Thickness: 0.8 mm.
Packing Dimension: 20" x 10" x 20".
Drive Bays: 3 x 5.25"
Drives. 3 x 3.5" Drives. 7 x Slots.
DB-25 Opening Per Form Factor.
DB-9 Opening Per Form Factor.
Fan Duct Cooling Optional.
Reset Switch.
Power LED.
Turbo LED Per Bezel Design.
Digital Display Per Bezel Design.
Power Switch Push Button.
Front USB opening for the USB ports to support Intel front USB.
The USB ports are optional.
Power supply optional.