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Hard Drive :
60.0GB AS ULTRA ATA100 IDE 7200RPM 2MB Cache
40.0GB AS ULTRA ATA100 IDE 7200RPM 2MB Cache
$392.18 [CAN]

[ found here ]

The Hard Drive is a storage drive that holds a large amount of data for the computer to use, write to, and retrieve from. Its base measurement is in bytes, and is commonly seen today in 20-40 GB amounts. When a program running requests a file, the hard drive retrives its bytes and sends them to the CPU.

Why We Chose It:

The reason why we chose these two drives is because we know that Quantum offers high quality and density hard drives for a low price. They both run at fast 7200 RPM, and in total offer 100 GB of storage space for our Super Computer at a reasonably low price. And we did our math too! We checked out on two other drives that would total to 100GB of storage space, and found the Maxtor 80.0GB ATA100 DIAMONDMAX PLUS 7200RPM 2MB Cache for $316.94 and the Quantum 20.5GB AS ULTRA ATA100 IDE 7200RPM 2MB Cache for $130.54. So we calculated that this combination of drives comes to a total of $447.48, making the combination more expensive than the one we chose. Another benefit of going with our drives is that they are both manufactured by Quantum, where as the other combination had a mixture of Maxtor and Quantum, meaning that there could be possibilities of conflict. So, we strongly feel that our decision was the right one.