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3 Chips of 512MB DDR-SDRAM
$150.00 per chip [CAN]

The purpose of the RAM is to provide a temporary storage area for running programs that are able to hold instruction or data. DRAM consists of transistors that act like switches that allow circuitry to read capacitors that store electrons. To store memory, the capacitor is
to be filled with electrons, which represents a binary number of 1.
DDR SDRAM is double data rate
SDRAM, which in general terms means that it accesses twice as much memory as it normally would in one clock cycle.

Why We Chose It:

This component was chosen because it contains three memory chips of 512 MB of DDR-SDRAM. This means that our Super Computer will have a total of 1535 MB or 1.535 GB of DDR memory! Therefore, this provides our computer a much faster access to a greater amount of memory. Best of all, it makes use of DDR-SDRAM technology, meaning that it will access twice as much data per clock cycle.